Android 4.1 update for Sony Xperia S said to be happening this month

18 Mar

1. ebubekir26 posted on 6 hours ago 3 7

omg this reminds me of my old Xperia S

IT SUCKED !! it froze so much I took a hammer and almost smashed it, don’t even ask battery life …
and camera was too noisy and when you zoomed you saw colors that shouldn’t be there,

speed ? there was lag EVERY SINGLE MINUTE !!! I couldn’t play games like Modern combat 3, so much lag that it was unplayable,
((you only have 635MB RAM Because some RAM is reserved for the OS and the hardware))…
and when I touch and swipe to clean the screen or play games, I saw stains just like on your PC/laptop monitor,, Bravia engine, really ?

and XLoud? what is that, i didn’t notice a difference when turned on -_-

that’s holding me from buying Sony Smartphones,, but I don’t know if Xperia line got better with the xperia Z, it looks like a Nice High -End smartphone..

i don’t hate Sony, i have a Sony TV it’s awesome ,, Sony makes Awesome, I mean One Of The BEST TV’s ans sound systems, but i don’t know about smartphones after using the Xperia S


6. ebubekir26 posted on 4 hours ago 1 1

I knew I was going to get many dislikes, but I understand you, I seem ike I’m a Sony hater, but I really am not,

7. Oxygen posted on 2 hours ago 1 1

I know your pain, I had a similar experience with mine. I sold it and went back to my OG Note until the S3. I was considering the Xperia Z since I thought it was a good device(it is actually) but with HTC and Sammy new flagships, the Xperia Z now feels so 2012. I think I’ll get an HTC this time, for a change.
One, here I come!

2. rusticguy posted on 6 hours ago 4 3

Sony Phones Good HW with Failed SW.

3. InspectorGadget80 posted on 5 hours ago 3 4

Sony doing great with their last year flagship phone

4. emadshiny posted on 5 hours ago 2 4

yeah, but haters want to ignore it.
haters gonna hate.

5. ebubekir26 posted on 4 hours ago 2 2

like I said I absolutely don’t hate Sony, but just agree the Xperia S is a fail, but Xperia Z is good, I didn’t get my hands on it yet, but the specs promise a lot, (Xperia S specs on paper also promised alot, but…)

8. pyradark posted on 34 min ago 0 0

I never got a problem with Xperia P only the battery life. I guess everything is up to the user on how they used their phone and on how the phone satisfy their master’s.

Happy User of Xperia P, Cant wait to have Z or ZL

9. xperiaDROID posted on 8 min ago 0 0

Ahhhh memories……. I remember the first time using the Xperia P, this is a good news that Sony is updating some Xperias to Android JB. I hope that Sony will be updating Xperia Z or ZL to Android Key Lime Pie soon……


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