Top ten games you can only play on iOS right now!

19 Apr

Think console exclusives only exist on PlayStation or Xbox? Nope. iOS has ’em too. Here are ten of the best!

Console exclusives are a big deal in the game world, but they’re not unique to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita. iOS gets them too — exclusives you can only play on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With the help of Simon Sage, I’ve written up a list of the top ten games that you can only play on iOS.

Device 6

More interactive fiction than conventional game, Device 6 puts you in the roll of Anna, an amnesiac who wakes up on an island. The game requires you to think your way through it, resolving puzzles as you learn what happens in Anna’s story using a combination of text, still images and videos presented in an entirely unique and compelling way.


Oceanhorn is as close to a Legend of Zelda-style game that we have for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a beautiful action adventure game that follows a boy who explores the islands of the Uncharted Seas, discovers ancient treasures, solves puzzles and fights monsters.

$8.99 –Download now

Infinity Blade 3

Hack and slash action in this third installment of the iOS-only series from Epic Games and Chair Entertainment. The three-part series reaches an epic crescendo as you learn more about the Infinity Blade’s origin as you square off against the Worker of Secrets and try to save the world.


A stealth-action game that’s incredibly topical: It’s about the effects of government surveillance in the age of the Internet. You must guide Hope through danger after danger in this five-episode series. One-touch controls with gameplay mechanics developed by folks who worked on Metal Gear Solid 4 and SOCOM.

Clumsy Ninja

NaturalMotion’s adorable, klutzy ninja in training needs help to learn his skills so he can find his friend Kira. The ninja character reacts quite naturally (and comically) to being picked up and tossed around, tickled and more.


Kumobius, makers of Bean’s Quest and Time Surfer, are back with an elegant and minimalistic game in which you navigate two orbiting spheres through a maze of falling objects. 50 stages over 9 chapters and a terrific soundtrack will keep you engaged for hours.

Tiny Wings

If you’ve never tried it, Andreas Illiger’s Tiny Wings is an addictive, simple and fun game in which you have to help a bird with wings too small to fly normally. To that end, you use hills to gain speed and tap in time to make the bird dive.

Icycle: On Thin Ice

The next ice age has arrived, and you’re a very cold survivor on a bike. It’s a contemporary take on retro style bike games that challenges your skill and your memory.

Wave Wave

If you’ve ever played Super Hexagon, you’ll appreciate what Wave Wave’s developers are doing. It’s a rhythm-based action game in which you must guide a line through obstacles, set to a pulse-pounding chiptune soundtrack. Perspectives shift, orientation changes – this is twitch gaming at its very finest.

Monument Valley

Princess Ida needs to make her way through a world of castles and fortresses as she outsmarts the Crow People. Each level is a puzzle, one that can solve by rotating parts of the scene into shapes that should be impossible. If you’ve played Fez then you might have a sense of some of what to expect, but the game’s designers have taken it a step further by forcing an isometric perspective. The net result is a bit like being inside M.C. Escher’s famous Relativity lithograph — surreal and a bit mind-bending. Monument Valley is coming to Android, but for right now it’s an iOS exclusive.

There you have ’em, so go and grab ’em! These aren’t all of them, either. What are your favorite iOS game exclusives? Let me know!

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